Want to set up your own CGI Team?

Are you using CGI and visualisation as part of your day to day operations or even just frequently during your process?  A CGI consultant can help you create an even more tightly integrated pipeline where you’re in control of the output and the timescales.

Having a CGI consultant can help understand and preempt the problems both artists and marketeers face when it comes to the production pipeline so if you think you might benefit from your own in-house team then get in touch!

"How could it benefit me?"

CGI Is the future!

More and more companies are trading photography for CGI. Whether its kitchen manufacturers, bathroom companies, architects, construction companies, interior designers or even IKEA! Everyone is using CGI as a quick, flexible and cheaper way of producing everything from product imagery, catalogue sets, town planning images and virtual reality walkthroughs.

There is one enormous advantage to using CGI and that is the fact that you control it. It can iterate as your project progresses and you’re not bound by reality. If you decide you need more images you can have them. No more reshoots!

"Why in-house?"

You're in control!

Having worked in-house for large corporations as well as working across multiple agencies and freelancing too, I’ve experienced many hurdles in ensuring that artists and clients both understand each others needs. CGI can be an intimidating and often misunderstood industry but it doesn’t have to be!

If you use CGI visuals frequently, having a slick in-house team can benefit you both financially and in terms of speed.  By tightly integrating a team into your company you can ensure your team are able to produce stunning visuals for you, on time, and at a lower cost than outsourcing to a CGI studio.

I can help you assess your process and understand where and how an in-house team would fit in and benefit your company. Consultancy can help your management understand the CGI pipeline so you can maximise the potential benefit of your new team. So get in touch and let’s discuss your requirements!

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