Miniature Renders

I was introduced to the idea of presenting archviz cgi in this style since seeing an image of Staith End by Henry Goss Architects (which i can no longer find) and more recently in the Recent Spaces project ‘Construct’ . I Love doing these miniature diorama style renders. I think it gives a much different perspective of a project and often allows people to visualise an large space alot easier than single renders do.

This miniature I created of a development on the Isle Of Dogs in London was featured by Autodesk on their social media accounts alongside the caption “This is a render?!?!?!” which was quite encouraging as it was the result of my first attempt of this style done in about 30 minutes!

I’ve done a couple more experiments with the style with more of an airfix style model of Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris (A project i really need to get back to!) and i recently did some rough experiments to see if a fully textured model would work well.

Another good trick i got from the recent spaces project was that this style lends itself well to material palettes.

Having a digital material palette in a project presentation often provides a great holistic view of design choices fit together and when used for architectural models, gives a great indication of how a development might look overall. Seeing your building with context allows the mind to paint a better picture of the project as a whole. Since the whole point of CGI is to convey an idea, this approach gives a fresh new perspective to alot of projects.