About me.

I am a 3D Artist with experience in photorealistic visualisation, architectural visualisation, VR and retail design. Over the last 6 years I have worked with various 3D Agencies but I started my career at ASDA head office as a 3d designer for construction and marketing where I worked in a close knit team to develop new store concepts and deliver new retail designs to the ASDA estate. 

More recently I was employed by Overview Studios to create photorealistic CG interiors for large kitchen and bathroom suppliers across the country. Prior to my position at Overview I also worked at Riot CGI as a senior artist, creating interior and exterior visuals for furniture companies, Architectual studios and marketing companies.

I have a passion for technology and I take a keen interest in virtual reality, photoscanning and augmented reality having completed a number of small proof-of-concept projects in Unreal Engine in the past few years. Im also competent with PC hardware and networking.

I enjoy other areas of content creation such as video editing, web design, graphic design, audio recording and photography meaning I have a good general skillset for multimedia creation. I welcome the opportunity to showcase some of my recent work and discuss how my skills and strengths can best serve you and your company.

If you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss then please do get in touch. 


Some employers have retroactively adopted a policy which doesn’t allow me to show any of the work I produced publicly. Due to this imposed restriction my extended portfolio is available upon request.

Please email me for a password.


Due to NDA’s my full portfolio has to be  private. Please request a password 

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